The air and ambiance in this cafe
So nice to be with You. I have so much to say.
The last time we met none of this had happened.
I am over joyed and a little saddened.
New friends and weddings
Some passings and comings and goings
Only time has passed no signs of slowing
I think life and Love will last
Keeping sight of the past
Things are moving fast
If only you were in here sharing it with
me. The blessed and the swift
Come into my life, like You were never away
You were with me before the day
Before my life began, before every thing
And my mum would sing


Light in darknesses’ delight

The light fading in to volumne
Intensity leaving the room
Energy never still reflecting till
infinity. Under the stone of the mill
perfectly fitting words tend to the ill
Until the end of malady and self affliction
are achieved. No rest unless the benediction
is said. In word and in our heads, in mind
The seeker will, with Gods’ help, find
The lost person may worsen if not
helped. So many who have got
this upon them selves, and every body else
is not blameless, in this game of selflessness
Except with the Saviour, none shall prosper
In name or in favour there is an honour
to all rites ritual or custom. The way down
is as real as the way anywhere around
The tree stands as ever to help
us remember of the tragedy without
which none would have been saved
Yet all are slaves until the voice
of the Master is hear’d proclaiming
the coming of the Heavenly most assuredly
Blessed of existances.
A coconut, a beach, a Lover within easy reach
The sand beneath your feet, an elegant smile
for every one we meet. An isle, a few miles
long. A water fall. The birds call
in an ever lasting Garden.
Every one may drink from the Fountain.
It is fed by streams coming from on the Mountain
The thunder at the top, the clouds
The voice coming out aloud
The sun rising out behind
The Saviour has come to find
me. And all. Together we rise
For the One rose from The Fall.

In your light we see

There is a place for us
Where together we can be
Where life is not lost
In your light we see

In every way things are as they should be
There are no mistakes in life
In your light we see
Holy union of husband and wife

And Love will win
In your light we see
Over darkness and sin
At last we will be

In your light we see
The ere we wont
In every line and crease
We regret yet don’t