To be with your Grace

What blessing it is to be near Your Grace

To revel in the light of the radiance of Your face

What beauty I feel to be Your child

To make my way in the Garden You made

knowing You are keeping me safe

from Eve from myself only myself I deceive

Yet Eve my gifted one, from you I could leave

Given from my own flesh.

A touch of tenderness

Wild are your ways, willing to believe

Belief is innocent yet with a down fall

This way we all went, to the tune that you called

Your hunger and my loneliness

The thunder and lightning dress the sky

We now know what it is to cry

It is all in Gods’ plan, so do not fear

He is ever drawing us near

The return to the places we yearn for

We are trees in the Garden green

with youth. Our eyes have seen

the down fall and rising of One and soon

of all. We shall arrive before noon day sun

Even before our lives ever were run


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