Darkness in Ying. Oh be that bright dot enlarged.

I am in the Darkness of Ying.

Yet there is a bright spot here

In the distance it is small

Yet the light is strong

It calls me pulls me along

For the Darkness is only deception

The Universe is bright pure White

Underneath we are all white as beautiful is

Only the dust of the darkness has settled upon us

and darkened our skins The singer will win us over

to Her song Given from with in her Heart

Never depart from that white bright place

Or if departing then return in your mind and imagination

Memory of the youthful joy we had

when so hard you tried to prove the Creation

The journey in your mind is the destiny of mankind

Good God will see you returned to glory

Recite the oral story

Memories and religions recorded in peoples mind

The life in real and true

Not a reflection misconstrued

Catholic Buddhist Christian Moslem and Jew etc

Words passing though Your mind

Loving meaning hard to find

Save our relations from all nations

All men are brothers Sons of Noah



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