Just to know that You are there

I am sufficient
just to know that you are there
It makes a difference
to know that You are every where
with me. For ever with You
I am sustained and do not despair
For You alone are true
I know so well that You care
That I am safely through
the narrow gate I share
with You


Darkness is the setting

Darkness is the setting for light
From nothing to every thing
In Him dwells no darkness at all
For a light has come in to the world
A light to shine on the lives of mankind
To lift, to gift, to hold, to let free, to help see
For the glory of God is Him who has come
To sooth, to cool, to embolden, to golden
In the Garden resting for now
In the shade, thinking about how
to save
To show the way
of all things
and the beauty of the Way
From being at the beginning
to death to life and life ever lasting
To up hold every good that is in you
To make for you a perfect pair of shoes
Let every blossom bear its’ fruit
Let every woman have her suitor
For the child that cries will be comforted
The wild things will be afforded
their due
For in every thing there is You