Darkness in Ying. Oh be that bright dot enlarged.

I am in the Darkness of Ying.

Yet there is a bright spot here

In the distance it is small

Yet the light is strong

It calls me pulls me along

For the Darkness is only deception

The Universe is bright pure White

Underneath we are all white as beautiful is

Only the dust of the darkness has settled upon us

and darkened our skins The singer will win us over

to Her song Given from with in her Heart

Never depart from that white bright place

Or if departing then return in your mind and imagination

Memory of the youthful joy we had

when so hard you tried to prove the Creation

The journey in your mind is the destiny of mankind

Good God will see you returned to glory

Recite the oral story

Memories and religions recorded in peoples mind

The life in real and true

Not a reflection misconstrued

Catholic Buddhist Christian Moslem and Jew etc

Words passing though Your mind

Loving meaning hard to find

Save our relations from all nations

All men are brothers Sons of Noah



From the sky

From the sky the rain flies

from the Heavens one to seventh

For nourishment which is enjoyment

given by the Angels

to feed teeth and those beneath

at the station for all nations

from Gods’ fresh breath

through the nothingness

all by the cycle of summer spring autumn winter

Good things come to those that won’t wither

from the call the summer thrall. Throne

from the rejecters’ hand not on any legs does He stand

Do not take only receive and not be deceived

For the Mighty One will

not through any pills. Pui

do not fear any who come near

for all are friends who comes near to stand

tough hands rough to touch

tender hands work much

for the tender touch is enough

on head and temple and ground

that the lost may finally feel that Love had found

some one such as them

that God was their friend


Kittens and butterflies

Kittens and butterflies

Flowers and dolphins

Beauty to behold

Strings that men never find

Worry makes them longer

Carefree and insouciance

Liberal and staunch

Hold on to your past

For in the past was your happy youth

From the water in a spoon

to a bucket from the beach

The water broke too soon

and the child had to be breached

Turn Turn Turn

Put your head back down Little Peter

For the humble shall be exalted

a beautiful birth from the malted

Very Godly little one

Mother Mary you have a son


Your, all of your, beautiful dreams will come true

Beautiful dreams come true

What isreal to your desire

Light a candle with fire

and the light will fill you

God gives us desire that we

may see beauty

Beauty in every thing He made

Creation lifts us from the grave

For only good things He gives to you

For all food is freely given by God

Money only buys sin and poison

Take no heed from that person

There are snares snakes and vipers

The money is a cypher

From good comes good

So be God to all the little ones

in the field in your house

Take in the little mouse

and the Little Flowers

For the Kingdom of God is now


Sermon: God is the designer

God is the designer

God is the maker

and God is the caretaker

God watches your life unfolding with great interest

God takes great care to indulge your will and whim

and God loves it when we each return to Him

God is in every shade of the blades of grass

God creates the haze on a cold glass

and God takes amazement at what we ask


God gives every good thing

He is the song that the birds sing

and He is the diamond on my engagement ring

In Him there is no fault at all

and there is no fault in those that heed the call

For He is all in one and the One is all


We are free to Love

Come and take freely

from the fountain, from Gods’ table

There are no debts in the Kingdom of Heaven

All your sins are now good deeds

Every tear shall be wiped from your eyes

Happiness and joy abounding

Angels singing sounding

The air the sky infinity above

Every where flies the dove

Even into the space

For the dove is the light of Gods’ face


Sermon: Ever faithful is evergreen

We are trees in the Garden of Eden

Some are deciduous trees

Deciding to choose wilfulness

Deciding between God and the serpent

Deciding between good and evil

and choosing live

So the autumn comes

Leaves turn beautiful shades of gold, red and brown

But then the fall

and the tree is left naked and we see our nakedness

Our naked figure

Some trees are ever faithful

Evergreen remaining true to God and life

and so when the season comes

we keep our beautiful leaves

Growing even in the coldest snow

Ever knowing that we are Loved


To be with your Grace

What blessing it is to be near Your Grace

To revel in the light of the radiance of Your face

What beauty I feel to be Your child

To make my way in the Garden You made

knowing You are keeping me safe

from Eve from myself only myself I deceive

Yet Eve my gifted one, from you I could leave

Given from my own flesh.

A touch of tenderness

Wild are your ways, willing to believe

Belief is innocent yet with a down fall

This way we all went, to the tune that you called

Your hunger and my loneliness

The thunder and lightning dress the sky

We now know what it is to cry

It is all in Gods’ plan, so do not fear

He is ever drawing us near

The return to the places we yearn for

We are trees in the Garden green

with youth. Our eyes have seen

the down fall and rising of One and soon

of all. We shall arrive before noon day sun

Even before our lives ever were run

Love the old fashioned way

When I was young I had a mother and father
who Loved me much. I was a Vegan so I never
forgot what they did for me given everything
they received from God. You may have what is
given freely of the desire to help the helpless
But what is received is upon your own understanding
of the Other.
Exp: Other Oether ether either
Exp: oestra oevre egg
Exp: celestial egg moon stars universe
Exp: Gods’ creation
Exp: God